Education program

Empower your school students with everything they need to know about plastic and recycling!

Our Melbourne-based, award winning education program has been designed specifically for school students, and uses a hands on approach to cover topics such as:
– why and how to recycle with plastic,
– where plastic comes from
– the damage caused by plastic,
– and how we can all work together to solve our plastic problem.

We believe that education is a vital component for solving the issue of single use plastic. Help us teach and inspire our future generations to create a healthier planet.
Our programs can be booked for a one hour event to six hours. Find out more and book our program for your school enquire today.

What a sensational session!” – Rosie, Teacher at Yarra Valley Grammar


Program Outline

Our programs are based on STEM principles and developed in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. They have been developed in partnership with teachers, environmental scientists and plastic engineers, who have all volunteered their time.

All our programs cover the following:

  • The impact of single-use plastic (SUP) on the environment; in particular lids
  • Micro-plastics and where they fit in
  • How plastic is made and the life-cycle of plastic
  • Ways we can all help recuse plastic lids and be more sustainable
  • How we remanufacture and what products we make
  • How your school or organisation can become a circular environment
  • All presenters have current Working With Children Checks

School Programs

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Corporate Programs 

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Our educators

Mat Card – RRC Founder and Presenter

Mat brings to this program a wealth of experience gained across many industries over his career. Mat has lived, studied and worked all over Australia and the world including Melbourne, Sydney, London and Dallas and has had the fortunate opportunity to be a stay-at-home dad for his daughter for 15 years. As a result, he has a strong ability to communicate and present to all age groups in many settings, and is a key element of our presentations. Mat brings to his presentations his inspiring journey which lead him to found RRC. “I become fed up with my high-consumer lifestyle and decided it’s time to give back.”

Louis Walmsley – Lead Presenter and Course Co-developer

Louis has just completed his Bachelor of Global Studies/Science with an Environmental Science Extended Major and International Studies Specialisation. Louis is also the Deputy Team Lead at Monash Association of Sustainability, as well as Outreach Lead at Precious Plastic Monash. “I chose to study environmental science as I have always wanted to create positive change in the world and have often felt a deep connection to nature.”

Our Partners

Precious Plastic Monash Uni (PPM) – Co-developer, Program Partner and Presenter

Rethink Recycling Co-op is proud to be partnering with PPM, who have pioneered the Precious Plastic movement in Australia. PPM have been learning, doing and teaching plastic recycling since foundation, and have co-developed our education program. The result is an informative, immersive and interactive educational experience for all ages.

Graeme Churchward – Plastics Advisor

Graeme brings with him over 25 years of working within the plastics industry. He spent his career lecturing plastic engineering at RMIT, implementing plastic recycling systems into Marks & Spenser’s (UK), developing and delivering Q&A training courses for the Australian Management Academy, and serving on the board for the Society of Plastics Engineers Australia. Graeme has been an integral advisor and mentor to development of our programs.

Travis Burrows – Teaching advisor

Travis has been teaching plastic recycling in schools for over 10 years and is responsible for setting up micro-plastic recycling facilities in schools around Melbourne. His latest project, in partnership with RRC, was created at Hampton Park Secondary College. Travis offers his expert advice, ideas, insights and partnership in education program development.

Design and Technology Teachers Association (DATTA) – Program partner

DATTA is a national association of teachers set up as a resource organisation who have partnered with us to help drive the implementation of plastic recycling principles and practices into schools.

PAST presentations

30 August 2022

Yarra Valley Grammar

Year 4

3 June 2022

Coburg Primary School

Years 3/4

1 April 2022

Collingwood College

Green Team

26 May 2021

Realm Library

Reconnect Festival

24 May 2021

Yarra Junction Library

Reconnect Festival